Saturday, April 06, 2013

Cruising to nowhere


I took some great photos in the last hour of the sun this evening but I forgot to bring the right lead to get em off the camera, so you'll have to manage with my deathless prose. Anyway, why are you reading this when you could be reading about Sue on No Problem preparing to face nine foot waves when they cross the wash tomorrow. I can offer only mildly boring fare in comparison.

After our longest ever lay off, we actually got Herbie moving today, and what a good day to pick. Probably the first pleasant spring day we've had, although it's cold again tonight. We are out in the middle of nowhere along the Leicester arm -people who have done that bit will know what I mean. Somewhere between Yelvertoft and er , um, nowhere really. I'm hard put to think of anywhere more remote. Nice to see some stars for a change.

Earlier I ran James and Amy from Norton Jn to Braunston in the car so they could pick up a ton of goodies from the chandlery. I expect my rear axle will recover in due course! Then a quick dash back to Crick where little Grace was champing at the bit and really excited to be going out cruising. The decision to turn right instead of left out of the marina was a last second one. After such a long break it was reassuring to find that Herbie ran smoothly, and were it not for the fact that some crazy guy in a hire boat rammed us and pushed us aground on a perfectly straight bit of canal, it would have been an uneventful trip. I have yet to steel myself to see what it has done to our lovely new blacking.

At Grace's suggestion we opted to stay out overnight. Must come back here for a couple of nights in the summer, there are plenty of places where you could have a BBQ and a picnic on the bank and you'd be unlucky to be disturbed by walkers or cyclists either as it is so far from habitation.

By the way did you know that Boat Sales at Crick Marina have been given over to ABNB? Neither did we until we saw the signs as we drove in through the marina gate. Makes sense I suppose as they are only over the road. ABNB have got a nice Mel Davis boat in at the moment. We are trying not to think about it.


Vallypee said...

Neil, I'm more than a little envious of your day out. Cold or not, to be somewhere on the way to nowhere sounds like a sort of heaven to me, cold or otherwise. Glad to hear Herbie's behaving! And as for the Dutch / Belgian waterways, the Wandering Snails just love it over this side of the channel so maybe you should bring Herbie over one of these days!

Vallypee said...

Hmm, seem to be fixated on the cold there :-) sorry about the repetition - a measure of how it occupies my mind these days!

Halfie said...

Neil, have you been reading my cruising schedule? One of our planned stops for next week, between Kilby Bridge and Crick, is "Middle of Nowhere".

Neil Corbett said...


Well there you go. I can recommend it. Watch out for shallows on some of the tight bends. In the summer you can see the reeds but at the moment you don't, so you end up on the mud.

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