Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fearful at Long Itchington

Long Itchington – a small Warwickshire village perhaps best noted by canal boaters as the home of Colecraft boat builders,  will be very busy this weekend.  We stopped there last summer when Herbie was in convoy with Chertsey and had a jolly time.  At the Harvester pub (no not one of the chain, this one is family owned) we learned about the May bank holiday Long Itchington Beer Festival during which the six pubs around the village each put on a big selection of ales and there is food and live music and morris dancing and dray rides and all that. They make the extravagant claim that it is “The Worlds Best Village Beer Festival”.

So guess where we’re taking Herbie this weekend Smile

I’ve just been perusing the published list of ales on the festival web site.  All I can say is I shall have to exercise maximum restraint if I am not to overdo it.  The list contains too many of my favourites including  two Dark Star beers (perhaps / arguably the UK’s best brewery), Loddon Ferryman’s Gold ( a favourite of Kath’s), Deuchars IPA and a few new to me I must try as they have my beloved cascade hops which always makes for a delicious hoppy elderflower taste.  Then to top it all, my favourite cider, Black Rat.  Oh dear.

They seem to encourage a bit of busking, so perhaps we might do a bit ourselves or join in a session if one occurs.

We shall I think be glad of the company of Rick and Marilyn, particularly the latter who will I’m sure exert a much needed calming influence.  They are joining me for the outward journey down through Watford and Braunston locks, along to Wigrams Turn, then down through Calcutt and Stockton locks.  A couple of days at our pace.  Kath will join us on Friday and we will will stay on a day longer than R&M (to sober up?) before making the dash back to Crick so we can get home in time to get ready for our annual sailing weekend on the Broads. 

It’s a hard life.


Halfie said...

Forget Colecraft Boats, the place is renowned for Itchington Bottom Lock. (Cue sniggers from all boaters coming across that for the first time.)

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

We went to the beer festival a few years ago, very enjoyable