Monday, April 22, 2013

Pi at Aynho

We had mixed weather today, starting of warm and sunny and turning cold and windy by the time we arrived here at Aynho. I guess it might always be windy in this spot because every other boat on the long term moorings opposite us has a wind generator on the roof. I bet they're generating plenty today. At Banbury over the weekend we had 48 hours of power with plenty in hand out of the solar panel so we were pleased with that.

I don't know what I'll be eating at the Great Western pub tonight. Maybe it'll be a pie, but it won't be like the raspberry pi we have been playing with earlier. We wired up Peter's new tiny little computer and he demoed some of its capabilities. Maybe one day I'll get one and teach it to keep an eye on the boat when we're at home. It could be used to switch on and off the heating, keep an eye out for intruders and maybe with a web cam let me see what the weather was like outside the boat.

Of course I would first have to learn how to make it do all that but the longest journey starts with a single step and I have learned how to switch the pi on.

Tomorrow back to Cropredy.

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