Monday, April 08, 2013

Leicester Arm pics

Wonderful to be back out on Herbie at the weekend.  I needed reminding how much improvement our mechanical work last October / November had made. Cor she does run smoothly now.

Anyway here are some photos starting with MB Willow ascending Foxton locks with James at the tiller. 

Now you see why Severners were sometimes called long boats!


James waits patiently for the gates


and entertains the gongoozlers


back to Herbie, moored next night in the middle of nowhere.  Not much sign of spring despite the lovely evening.


a picture of me walking tall


and this wonderful (ex) tree seen over the thorn hedge.  Pity about the pylon cables, I suppose I could photoshop them out, but life is too short


and next day our trainee skipper brought us home



Vallypee said...

Awww bless little Grace! Lovely photo record. It looks great in the middle of nowhere.

Vallypee said...

And Neil, thank you very much for the post about my book. I hope you see this here as I could not find anywhere to send you a personal message, but I appreciate your review no end and yes, we are sort of friends ...or friends of sorts now, aren't we? :-)