Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Down the hatch

One possibly unique feature of Herbie that I haven't mentioned here before is the hatch cover over the entrance to the cabin from the rear deck. The usual arrangement on narrowboats is to have a sliding hatch that pushes forward onto the roof.

Herbie's previous owners didn't like all that pushing and pulling so they got rid of the sliding hatch and made a bespoke hinged hatch cover instead. Here it is closed

now half open (to let a bit of air in, or to peep inside and see if the kettle has boiled))

and fully open

You can also lift it right off.

It works fine and is completely secure and watertight when shut but we're not all that fond of it. Somehow it doesn't look very boaty. I suppose the one advantage is that when opened it doesn't take up any space on the roof like a slider does. On the other hand it blocks the steerers view when propped open.
I've never seen another one like it.

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