Thursday, May 22, 2008

Off in the rain

It's sunny today, but we're off on Herbie tomorrow and the Met Office warns of wet weather in the coming week. Never mind, we'll grin and bear it in our waterproofs. We'll have crew to help us much of the time. In fact they're queueing up for it.

On Sunday night friend Pete joins us at Paddington for a two day trip to Limehouse and back. We'll be detouring round the Hertford Union Canal near the end which will be a first for us. Then on Wednesday Rick and Marilyn arrive and we do it all again! We're thinking of calling ourselves the Limehouse shuttle. At least we'll keep dry as we go through the tunnels at Maida Hill and Islington. The latter is over half a mile long, and altogether we'll be passing through it four times.

On this trip we really are going to make an effort to update the blog en route. We know of free wifi hotspots we can use and we're taking the laptop along so watch this space for picture of us getting wet.

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