Monday, May 19, 2008

Why gardening is bad for you

Today I thought I might clip the straggly bits off our rosemary bush, but I ended up clipping a chunk off the middle finger of my left hand. Quite a big chunk really, so I drove over to our nearest Small Injury Clinic at Ascot to have the wound dressed.

On seeing the full waiting room I realised I was in for a long wait. Instead of a magazine rack, they had a bookshelf with big fat books. I think War and Peace and Lord of the Rings wouldn't have gone amiss. I'd have had time to read them both. Anyway I am now typing this with a large dressing on my finger and fearful to tell you that the nurse said the finger would be "extremely sensitive" for about a month.

Bang goes my Tuesday night music practices. I think when we go off on Herbie next week I'll have to be very careful with handling ropes and working locks.

Moral: Let someone else handle the secateurs.

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