Monday, May 26, 2008

Goose creche and Curry goat


Here we are on our London trip, at the moment at Paddington basin and we have just been passed by a boat called Herbie!!!

Yesterday was fine weather although breezy as we cruised from Greenford to Camden then back here to Paddington. At Kensal Green we saw this huge bunch of goslings being minded by two adults while the rest of the geese went about their business of foraging for food. I don’t know if these crèches are normal but I’ve never seen one before.

Camden market was crowded as usual but we managed to get in at the shoppers short term moorings and walked off in search of food. At the market you can get cuisine of all sorts. We ate Carribean, with me having curry goat which was delish. Not all that different from lamb really, probably more like mutton.

In the evening we went of in search of good hostelries and hit the jackpot in the shape of The Warwick Castle in Little Venice. Doom Bar and Tongham Tea ales in peak condition and an interesting menu. Sadly we had already eaten, but we’ll be back.

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