Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wembley here we come

I wish I was at Wembley today because we're Pompey supporters, but we'll be watching the cup final at home. However, in a week's time we'll be cruising past Wembley on our way into London on Herbie for a week in the big city. Our route in takes us quite near the stadium and we get several sightings of it as we pass. The plan is to go right down to Limehouse and back and to do some sightseeing while we're there - Portobello Road market and Kensal Green Cemetary are on the list, but who knows what else. Anyway its good to be able to stay a week in the city without paying hotel bills!

Meanwhile two pictures of one of my favourite short stretches of canal, between Uxbridge and Denham. Doesn't it look lush?It always looks well kept and verdant and there are lots of interesting boats around, including Savernake, the only paddle wheel driven narrowboat I've seen, and this little cruiser we saw last week. I like a boat to sit low in the water, but this is overdoing it somewhat.

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