Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Final fling -the Thames from the air

After the Will cruise, we took the fast Clipper back to Millennium Pier at Waterloo, right next to the London Eye big wheel. We hadn't planned it but the wheel was there and the queues were short so we decided to go for it. At least Jacob and I did. Kath decide it wasn't for her.

After a minute on the wheel Jacob wasn't so sure either. The first quarter revolution is a bit unnerving, but he gradually got used to it. I was busy trying to take photographs. Getting a clear image is not easy on a moving wheel in the dark, with shiny curved windows giving off reflections, but I managed a few reasonable shots.
Looking downstream

and upstream and across

over Waterloo station

coming in to land at the end of the "flight"
Quite a day all in all.

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Vallypee said...

That was some serious advernturing you did that day, Neil. These photos are stunning! What a view, and what a time of day to see it all. Fantastic!