Monday, December 01, 2008

Warm and dry

The secondary double glazing is reinstalled and already Herbie seems warmer and there is no condensation on the windows in the morning. It really is a cracking design. Nothing to do with me, it came with the boat. I showed a couple of pictures of it last year. Click here to see.

I had a good look at drain taps for the plumbing. There are four of them, all neatly labelled, at the bottom of the cupboard by the back door, which is virtually the lowest point as the boat is a bit higher at the front. Should the weather get very very cold I may well totally drain the pipes if we are leaving the boat.

Whilst I was on the floor there I took a look in the little hole that gives access to the bilges. Regular readers may recall I found quite a bit of water in there in the summer and cleaned it out. I'm delighted to say that it is completely bone dry in there now, so it looks like the previous water there was a one off from when we had a leaky water pump.

The other thing we did for the winter was to re-erect the pram hood over the rear deck. We don't like it aesthetically, and since March it has been in the shed at home, but in this cold weather it makes a super porch. I can even work on the engine in the warm and dry. It's very easy to put up and I managed to erect the hood on my own in the dark. OK, so I did get the two hoops back to front at first, but even then the whole job only took ten minutes.
So little do we use the pram hood these days (we have NEVER cruised with it up) that the only decent photos of it date from just before we bought Herbie.

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Vallypee said...

I can well see the practicality of the pram hood, and it has great advantages, but like you, I'd die rather than cruise with one up!