Friday, December 12, 2008

Fishing boats and brilliant pubs

A brief interlude from inland waterways, but still do do with boats .

Is this what they did before we had post codes? I suppose you can work out where this is from the clue, but I'll tell you anyway. Its in Old Portsmouth where I was this morning. Everyone knows about the Naval dockyard in Pompey, but not so many know that there is also a small fishing fleet operating out of Camber dock, where the Isle of Wight ferries come in.

When I was a student living in digs in Portsmouth in the late sixties, our landlord used to get fresh plaice from here and keep them alive in the bath, only killing them a couple of minutes before he cooked them. They were fantastic.

Pompey used to be full of wonderful old pubs, but they are slowly disappearing so I've embarked on a plan to photograph the best of them. Just to whet your appetite here are a couple.

Should you want to see more, the collection as far as I have got can be seen on my Pompey Pubs Picasa album and click on the slideshow button to see them full size.

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Vallypee said...

Lovely photos. The sky is full of life and scudding clouds. I like! The fishing boats are colourful too, but then they always are.