Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You win

Just a few days of the year left for me to complete the 2008 Herbie Awards and I have decided that as it is Christmas, now is a good time to award the "Best thing in none of the above categories" special awards (part 1).

After giving it some thought I realised that one of the nicest things about doing this blog is knowing that there is someone out there that actually reads my ramblings. In particlular I'm always really happy when someone takes the time to add a comment. So this Herbie Award goes to YOU dear reader for your interest and support.

In particular I'd like to add a Star to the award for people who have sent in comments. So congratulations and many thanks to:

Adam on Debdale
Andrew on Granny Buttons *
Bill Rodgers
Mortimer Bones on Bones
Brian and Diana on Harnser
Grey Wolf
Halfie on Shadow
Heth on Takeytezey
Rick (Best Crew member 2007)
Saltysplash on Lady Elgar
Simon on Tortoise

and a special Gold Star to the wonderful Vally P who has sent in comments on no less than 23 occasions.

Thanks to you all for keeping me going and have a great Christmas

*(if my blog was as successful as Andrew's, there'd be too many people to list)


Halfie said...

Wow! A mention! Thanks Neil! I, too, know how pleasing it is when someone makes a comment.

By the way, who was Best Crew Member 2008? (Or will that be knowm only when 2008 has finished?)

Happy Christmas!

Vallypee said...

I'm very touched at your special mention Neil. Thanks though to you for giving us such a wonderful blog to read over the months. I;ve really enjoyed my visits and peeks into your world there, and will be back for many more to come, I hope. Have a wonderful new year!

Vallypee said...

Ooh, and I was sure I'd wished you a good Christmas, but it seems I didn't after all, so I hope it was a good one for all your family. It's been beautiful this side of the water, sunny, clear and extremely cold!