Sunday, December 28, 2008

Premier Award - Best Crew Member 2008

Yes it's the Herbie Awards most coveted award. Best Crew Member.

This year it carries the citation "For forbearance"

It goes to someone who is always patient, and who never pushes herself forward but is always there to help. She cooks, she rubs down paint and she is a dab hand with the paint brush. She works the locks and this year she even took to the tiller. She also looks after the lad that understands all the mechanical gubbins (Rick) and keeps him on the straight and narrow. Most of all she puts up with the antics of the rest of us, hence the citation.

Ladies and gentlemen, this year's winner is . . . . .

Marilyn Bunnage

(loud applause and shouts of "a well deserved and popular win")


Vallypee said...

Sounds as if she derserves the citation. Well done Marilyn!

Vallypee said...

Happy New Year to Neil and family!