Sunday, December 14, 2008

No way on the Wey, and worrying prospects for a trip next weekend.

I should have taken my camera yesterday when we went shopping in Guildford. We were amazed to see how high the river Wey was. I know we've had a wet week but I didn't imagine there would be so much water. There was only about two feet clearance under the town bridge and the meadows where we moored last summer were all flooded. The line of the river could only be deduced from the row of willow trees where the bank should be. Any boater out in that current would be terrified. Well I would be anyway.

At times like this I get really glad that we moor on a canal and not a river.

I looked up the visitthames website and it seems the Thames is all on red boards at the moment.
Which is all a bit concerning as we are due to do a boat trip on the Thames next Saturday. Not on Herbie but on the Thames barge Will on which we have booked a 90 minute cruise, a Christmas treat for Jacob. This will take us under Tower Bridge, which will have to open for us, and down to Greenwich or thereabouts "depending on tide". Will is a big boat and the tidal Thames is different from the rest of the river, so I hope we'll still be able to go.


Vallypee said...

Wishing you luck for your trip this weekend Neil.

Anonymous said...

We're also glad to be moored on a canal. We're tempted every year to moor on the Thames but I think we'd be locked in too often. I'm sure that your weekend cruise will be fine - we've found in the past that the Tideway (and the tide!) is so vast that a bit of water coming down is neither here nor there :-) Have a wonderful cruise. I love that stretch of the Thames and how exciting to see Tower bridge open - that's a sight I've never seen!
Sue, Indigo Dream