Friday, November 27, 2009

Job done, and on to the next

Vally P asks if the folding table is finally finished and installed. Yes it is. Complete with hardwood trimmed edges.

Now I turn my attention to a new window insert for the side hatch. The old one was never very nice and it's very scratched. These doors open

and then we either leave the open space if the weather is nice, or put in the perspex window insert to protect against rain or midges.

This time I want to make a smart frame and get a good fit, so I have been measuring very carefully.

By the way here is Herbie (with our winter deck cover erected) next to her new neighbour Humbug.
You can see why we're happy to be there, Glynn has done a super job of restoring Humbug, and after two weeks in the spot we have NO leaves on the roof. Hooray!


Vallypee said...

The table looks great Neil! Well done! Now I'm curious about your insert for the window. I have a similar situation on my barge with a panel over the kitchen counter that I can take out in the fine weather. But, I also want to make a perspex insert. Will you show us some pics of yours when it's done? I'd love to see how you do it.

Vallypee said...

PS, yes, you do have a nice spot there and Humbug is lovely. Do they have problems with their red paint, I wonder?