Monday, October 11, 2010

5 LED bulbs, a mooring stake and 6 eggs

Well, we visited Bedazzled to buy our LED bulbs and were charmed by the place.  They have a tiny shop in a caravan on a smallholding which leads down to the canal not far north or Weedon.   Not easy to find from the main A5 so they had to talk us in.  Chickens ran around, and they had a substantial kitchen garden which supplied some nice veg for the shop. They had some huge, and I mean huge, courgette marrows for 20p each!

As well as the LEDs and the veg, they also had some canal type bric a brac for sale and we picked up a good mooring stake (used) for a song, and of course some nice free range eggs from the chickens.  How much nicer it is to buy your stuff from places like this rather than an anonymous chandlery chain store.

Despite this rural idyll, Bedazzled's LED bulbs are more high tech than those for other suppliers, being protected against voltage spikes, which can easily occur in a boating environment.  We chose warm white (more like tungsten light) for the saloon and cool white (brighter but harsher) for the galley.  Later in the day, at Braunston we bought our downlight fittings, so now we have 5 lights like this

to give a more cosy feel when we turn off our main fluorescent tube lights.

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