Monday, October 25, 2010

Autumn expedition day 1 - up to the smoke

Flippin eck it was cold last night.  We were OK on board but we awoke to a fine crusty hoar frost on Herbie's roof

However the sun shone and we set off towards London in the wake (literally) of Narrowboat Trust historic boat and butty Niuneaton and Brighton.  Quite what they were doing up the Slough arm I have no idea.  I think they ran aground at one point and they had an interesting time negotiating the tight turn into the main canal at the end. 

That wasn't the only encounter we had with a boat in an unexpected place.  We also passed the tripboat Gardenia that usually plies its trade between Little Venice and Camden. This was at Hayes.  We shouted to them that they must be lost and the man at the tiller shrugged and said he was useless at navigation:-)

Now we are at Kensal Green and it feels very autumnal.  The trees are turning orange and the light when we arrived and the giant gas holder was all aglow in the last of the daylight. 

A gap into the bushes next to us leads to some steps and this pretty mosaic.

Tomorrow, Little Venice, Regents Park and the dozen heavy locks down to docklands and Limehouse basin.  Always an adventure.

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Anonymous said...

I am so envious - that's still a favourite stretch of canal, despite having cruised it so often!

Enjoy your trip.

Sue, Indigo Dream