Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Herbie cuts loose

I'm writing this with my fingers crossed, not because I'm telling porkies but in case our luck changes.  Regular readers may recall that the reason we have not been cruising for a long while is that we have been nursing our daughter Claire and managing the kids while she convalesces from an op.  Well now it seems that she is well enough to resume her maternal and wifely duties and we can take a break.

We have decided on a cruise up the Lee and Stort (via Limehouse) and might start as early as next Monday!  I bet we are in for a spell of horrible weather but it'll be so nice to be cruising again that we don't mind.  Nothing is ever simple, and we have to work around some previously arranged engagements by being at certain railway stations on certain dates, and we have to return south of the junction of the Lee and the Stort by 8 November to avoid a BW stoppage.

Now it's all go as we make hasty plans and preparations, not the least of which will be laying in stores of coal to keep us warm!


Simon said...

great news - for Claire & family, as well as you two, obviously.

Might see if we can come out to play for a day, too, if that suits?

Anonymous said...

To borrow a phrase from Father Ted - "Drink, DRINK"

You will be passing us at some time - great excuse for a get-together.

Richard reports that the Stort is particularly lovely in its autumn colours at the moment.

Sue, Indido Dream