Thursday, October 07, 2010

Old lags, lights and boats weekend coming up.

An exciting weekend in prospect.   On Saturday Rick and I will be attending "The Old Lags Do", an annual gathering of old friends from the engineering firm where we started out our careers some forty years ago.  Some of the more earnest members see it as an engineering heritage association, but I fear the we go along mainly to catch up with old pals and have a drink or three.  Kath has kindly volunteered to be chauffeur, or should that be chauffeuse? Meeting such old friends is amazing, we all look older but somehow we all seem just the same.  People may have become successful or important or whatever, but after half an hour we seem to revert to the mischievous students we used to be.

Kath and I will be staying at Rick's in Long Buckby, and on the way there we hope to acquire our new LED lighting for Herbie.  First the LED bulbs from Bedazzled, just north of Weedon, then some new light fittings from Midland Chandlers at Braunston.

Then on Sunday we hope to fit in a visit to see Herbie's prospective new home at Crick Marina to get a feel of the place and see if we can meet the Harbour Master, Gary.  I expect we'll have a mooch about on the canal bank too and perhaps fit in a stroll along the towpath if the weather stays fine.

That's the good thing about that area. There are more canals, boats, chandlers etc than you can shake a stick at.

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