Monday, December 20, 2010

The Herbie 2010 Premier Award

And so to the final Herbie Award for 2010, and anyone reading the blog this year might easily work out what it might be.  For the first time it is a special group award to a terrific bunch of people whom I can never thank enough, as they helped us through the biggest job we have ever undertaken on Herbie.  And here they are in alphabetical order.

David (rainman) who got deep into the job

Kath ( painter and chief catering officer)

Marilyn, the best painter on wood that there is

Rick, the mainstay for whom no problem seems insurmountable

And Simon who slaved over the dirty bits and missed the fun bits

Yes of course The Herbie Special Award for 2010 goes to The Paint Crew for unpaid services beyond all expectations.  Here they are in a rare moment's respite.

Thanks guys and gals, I continue to feel very humbled by your contribution.

Not only that, but they all make very fine cruising crew members too.

As for me, I did a bit as well, although in disguise

Well that's the end of the awards for this year.  I hope you enjoyed them.

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Vallypee said...

Three cheers!! Hip hip hooray!! A well deserved award for your gallant troops.

Anonymous said...

A worthy and intelligent award - they'll be back for more now that you've given them a bit of praise :-)

Seriously though, it was a great effort and I was struck by their dedication and skill.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Simon said...

I must protest... I didn't do nearly enough to be included in this (apart from help drink beer in the pub, obviously)...

Neil Corbett said...


Nonsense. Anyway the pub session was a vital part of the exercise.