Thursday, December 09, 2010

Your Award logo?

Award Winner Sue suggested it might be nice to have Herbie Award image that recipients might proudly display on their web pages.  A great idea but not all that easy when you try to make one small enough yet still legible.

Are either of these any good or do I need to make it simpler so it can be smaller and still be read?

Don't forget if you are a continuous cruiser and sticking out the freeze like Sue and Carrie, then this award is for you too.


Sue said...

That is a fantastic achievement in itself!

The only problem is that it is probably too wide. It might fit in the sidebars (not checked) but if you have people with a smaller screen res then it might cause problems with layout.

Also we need to link to your blog showing why we won!

Maybe someing thinner? How about a lovely golden shield so that we can put underneath "Herbie's award for Fortitude 2010" that we can make into a link to the blog?

Anonymous said...

I'm a complete fraud. I read your post from the comfort of Simon's sofa ;-)

Vallypee said...

Lovely banners, Neil, but I agree with Sue. They are probably a bit wide to fit in a standard sidebar, depending on the screen size and format of the blog. Perhaps you could make it like the panel on the boatman's cabin part, where you have your Herbie logo. Then it would be narrower and deeper.