Monday, May 23, 2011

Healthy eating the Herbie way

It has come to my notice that a number of bloggers have recently taken to publishing their favourite boater's recipes.  Not to be outdone in this respect, I thought I had better get on the band waggon and lend my own culinary advice.

We always like to eat healthily aboard Herbie,and encourage our visiting crews to bring along nutritious contributions to keep us all in the pink during the rigours of manhandling the good ship.  So with this in mind I would like to pass on to you the following culinary masterpiece supplied by occasional frequent bosun Rick.

Rick is a firm believer that a good salad is about as healthy a meal as you can get and his signature dish, handed down through generations of his family, is known as the Bunnage Salad.  No cooking is required.  The ingredients are as follows: (Simon and Carrie might like to look away now)

1 pork pie (Melton Mowbray)
1 Scotch Egg
3 or 4 chicken drumsticks
3 or 4 slices of either ham or corned beef
a few crab sticks
half a small tomato

Nutritious or what?

Of course we all have to eat our 5 portions a day of fruit and veg so we still have four more to find.  May I suggest

1. a slice of lemon in a large gin and tonic
2. a piece of fruit cake  - making sure it has glace cherries
3. a large glass of fermented grape juice -  aka wine
4. a portion of chips



Anonymous said...


We have been wondering whether to include a lone banana somewhere in the all-day-breakfast fare that will keep our crew functioning during the BCN Challenge....

Now that I know that wine counts as fruit then that'll do instead :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Anonymous said...

Aghhh!... may you be forever cast down into carnivore hell!
(I'll hold the fremented grapes for you)

Rick said...


I'm sorry Neil, when I dictated the recipe I missed out one vital ingredient! You do need to include pate.

Also if, like me, you don't like tomato then it can of course be omitted.

Anonymous said...

ooh yes, Rick, you're right. Lentil pate is a must ;-)

Anonymous said...

We recently discovered salad flavour crisps at our local asian store. These are a good replacement for the tomato. If you are having trouble completing your five a day you could have a go on a fruit machine.

Tim Bunnage

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the last time I had " Bunnage Salad " a strange looking green thing made a cameo appearance , I believe it' commonly known as "Celery" .
It's a strange looking fella that Happens to be part of the vegetable family, so I'm told ( but don't quote me on it )
The poor fella just sat there being ignored all lunch time ,like the ugly kid at a school prom !
As much as I prayed someone would put it out it's misery people went for the other salad items such as crisps , mash potato , Scotch Eggs , cheese , ham , pickled onions and so on !

It's rumoured to have been last seen returning to the fridge ( next to half a tomato )that it first came from !

BBQ King


Anonymous said...

I stand corrected......

The said green item commonly known as Celery, did not as first suggested return to the fridge at all .

I'm now led to believe that it was banished to a compost heap ( with the tomato ) . Personally it gives me a warm glowing feeling knowing that something good can come of such items.

The next time I'm in their garden and the flowers are in full bloom I will be thinking of that old fella " Celery" .
Once the ugly duckling of the Bunnage Salad and now the Swan of the compost !

I think there is a lesson for all of us in this........

Don't you .


BBQ King