Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tarting up Herbie

Still making progress on the roof box, but it's a slow old job.  I wouldn't like to think how many hours the painting will have taken by the time I finish.  You certainly couldn't do it commercially without charging a fortune. Luckily the white paint is much less runny than the cream (see earlier post) and I'm back to using masking tape.

Meanwhile, during drying times, I turn my attention to another outstanding paint job.  What I call the front flashes and on an old boat would be known as the fore top bend.  Some people put the name of their boat there, others feature a logo or insignia of an old boat company like FMC.  Some do really fancy stuff like this:

I'm going to opt for something more modest and traditional I think.  I won't use any more diamonds.  What with the cratch front board and the roof box that would be overkill.

Here is a picture of the blank canvas

and a couple of samples of how it could look courtesy of a bit of photo doctoring

That bit that looks black could actually be the dark blue used in the diamonds.  The dark grey would be the same as on the cabin sides.

Rick has in the past suggested I should use the space to feature this blog address, but I don't think so.

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Anonymous said...

I'm afraid we're not keen on either of the proposals. Why don't you try a mock up using the diamond motif-it might not be as overpowering as you supect.
Rainman and Little Cloud.