Friday, May 06, 2011

Roof box stage 2- in which I contemplate animal cruelty

The next time I see an Old English Sheepdog I'm going to kick him up the bum.  His flippin' Dulux paint has bled all under my masking tape.

It was all going fine on the red and blue diamonds.  Nice sharp edges with minimal bleed.

The blue was Wickes paint, the red, Blakes.  Both nice and gloopy.  Having no cream paint I went out and bought a tin of Dulux weathershield, which is definitely single cream rather than double, so it seeped along the grain of the wood under the masking tape.

Rats!!  Now I'll have to patch up the blue and red diamonds and henceforth paint the rest using hand and eye rather than masking tape.

However that won''t be until next week because in a couple of hours time we're off to Norfolk for our annual sailing debacle extravaganza.  If I don't get washed overboard and lost, I'll tell you all about it when we get back.


Dave Winter said...

This might be better.

Sarah said...

Dulux cream - nightmare! Looks like exactly the same shade we used - more runs than a cricket match, as Jim is wont to say, and really thin coverage. The white undercoat was absolutely horrible to put on as well, like thick yogurt in the tin, and then dripped off all over your head. Strangely though, the Dulux dark grey undercoat and dark green gloss were fine and a pleasure to use.

Anonymous said...

Dulx, made by ICI who test their products on living animals - of course it's going to run!