Monday, October 31, 2011

Dirty jobs

I case there are any non boaters out there who think the boaters are all living in the lap of luxury, let me mention toilets.  Don’t get me wrong, boat toilets are fine to use, but not being plumbed into the sewerage system, we do have to get them emptied.  Those like us who have cassette type toilets have quite an intimate re-aquaintance with their contents from time to time.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, some of the places BW requires you to use for this purpose are less than immaculate.  Personally I prefer the outdoor ones for reasons you might guess.

Happily the facility at our marina is of the shiny stainless steel variety under cover but in the open air.  In short it is very acceptable, so we are indeed fortunate.  Somewhat more fortunate I fear, than the marina staff who have sometimes to attend to blockages in the facility.  Today I spotted a notice there asking boaters to take great care with removable plastic items e.g sliding covers and screw on spout caps on their cassettes when emptying.  It seems they recently had to remove seven such items that had jammed the pipe and in the wording of the poster – “as you imagine this was not without some difficulty.”


Today I shall refrain from photographic evidence. I know your limits.

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Anonymous said...

We haven't had a toilet post for ages - this is what winters are for in the boating world!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream