Sunday, October 02, 2011

Scary stuff -shallow waters and mighty leaps

The bottom of this canal is getting perliously near the top.  Every mile, it seems to get worse and we see little beaches on the offside.  Sitting here tonight alongside a wood north of Polesworth, Herbie rests gently on the bottom.  I hope we can get her off again tomorrow. I dare say all this hot weather has caused a lot of evaporation to make the water situation worse. At this rate it can't be long until the canal is un-navigable.

Coming down the 11 locks at Atherstone was ok despite the restrictions.  There was a nice bit of up and down passing during the first half, but then it just seemed to go dead and hardly any boats were moving.  We did have to turn one lock after a long wait but one out of eleven ain't bad.

More scary stuff.  I've been practicing my dare devil leaps across open bottom gates to save walking round.  Kath kindly snapped me on her fancy new phone -what I call her raspberry.  Here I am in full flight.

Drum roll. . . .
Loud applause (please).

Tomorrow we stay put and await the arrival of Rick.  I shall use the time polishing the starboard cabin side - if I can get the boat near enough to the bank - and until my dwindling supplies of wax polish run out.

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