Monday, October 03, 2011

Yellow Jack strikes crew

You can't get the staff .  Rick, who should be with us on board tonight ready for the rigours of the long  climb into Birmingham, is instead having his fevered brow mopped by Marilyn back home in Long Buckby.  A dose of the yellow jack or some such. GWS Rick.  Too many Bunnage salads.

On hearing the sad news we thought we ought to put some miles under the belt today to make life easier tomorrow, so now we are at Drayton on the Birmingham and Fazeley where there is water under the boat.  Yes, after days of slow progress and inaccessible bank sides, we descended Glascote Locks to discover where all the water has dropped down to.  Not only from the Coventry canal but from the lofty heights of Birmingham.  Suddenly the channel seems full and the boat speeds along on less revs.

Today it has been Really Windy.  Our passage past the bijou back gardens of the good people of Tamworth was only achieved without a multiple pile up beause there were hardly any other boats moving.

I suspect that we may have seen the last of this amazing heatwave we've been suffering enjoying.  According to the met office our arrival in the city centre on Wednesday is likely to be a moist one and somewhat cooler, and our rest / tourism day on Thursday will be properly wet..  This could be construed to be a Good Thing as I have now run out of clean T shirts and have only warm long sleeved shirts left. 

I'm a lucky guy.



Adam said...

How far will you go tomorrow? I reckon Wiggins Hill Bridge is about as far as you'd want to go before getting into less favourable areas towards Brum. The moorings are quite near a road, but it's quiet at night. It's a good setting off point for your assault on the hill up to the centre of Birmingham.

Anonymous said...

Hope Rick gets well soon!
Neil, I love your cheerful attitude re. shirts and changing weather :-D