Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Best caption and exciting (for me) news

Thanks to those who had a go at sending in a caption for the CRT poster with me on it.  The one that made me and Kath laugh and we liked best was


Well done Alf. You obviously know a bit about my eyesight.  I‘ll send the £10million prize as soon as my Nigerian prince pal transfers it into my bank account.  He has the number. Oops, I just notice the cropped version now says “angers!” at the bottom. Entirely unintentional, honest guv.

See the other comments from two posts back to read the other good ideas.


Now we go to a short commercial break.

Exciting news. I have in my hand (well next to it anyway) a printed copy of my book, complete with ISBN number and everything. I’m very happy with the quality of the print and the binding. It’s done through an Amazon service called Createspace and allows the book to be printed on demand.  Setting it up was a bit onerous but I have now jumped through all the hoops and we’re ready to go.


I’ve got rid of the old confusing cover design, and the text has had a mega proof read and correction.  It now has a subtitle  “The Saga of Eric the Unfortunate” intended to show that it is a light hearted affair. The book comes out at 256 pages.  Did I really write all that? The book is now ready for printing on demand, and in two or three days it should appear on Amazon, so anyone who missed out earlier because they like a proper book rather than an e-book can now get one.  I must admit that even though I like the idea of e-readers, it is really nice to have it as a proper book.  The downside of course is that it costs more.  I think the printed book will cost £6.49, whereas the Kindle version is £1.15.  The royalty I get though is about the same at 30 odd pence, so I’m not anticipating getting rich any time soon.  The upside is that I have no up front costs as it is printed on demand.

I accidentally discovered the other day that I have had two reviews on (as opposed to dot uk where there are already fourteen reviews) that I didn’t know about. One from Canada and one from someone called The Narrow Boat Man – presumably a blog reader, can’t be me, I’m not at all narrow these days. Hi folks and thanks.  That now brings my review total up to sixteen.  These latest ones say this.

  • This was a fun book. It has simple characters that at times make you laugh. If you are looking for some light reading but with a good plot and laugh out loud humour, then this is a book for you. Don't expect in depth, complicated plots but just open a bottle, sit back and enjoy some fun time. Well worth the price!

  • A wonderful book; with an endearing protagonist. I loved every word of it!

Counting up the star ratings now gives me an average of 4.56 stars out of 5.  I’m more than happy with that.

I’ll let you know when it goes live on Amazon so you can beat the rush. (Hollow laugh).

Now I need to go back and update the kindle version with all the corrections.

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Alf said...

Hope you sent the "handling fee" for my £10 mil !!!! ;-)