Monday, February 23, 2015

Unfortunate ebook, or Cheaper from Charleston

I wonder if Amazon have alerted the national grid suppliers to put another lump of coal in the firebox tomorrow.  I fully expect Amazon's mighty mega servers to be running white hot, since tomorrow I have invoked my contractual right to give away my novel for free.  They let me do this for 5 days in every 90.  The Kindle version that is. The paperback is still the normal price I'm afraid, Amazon are more hard hearted when it comes to giving away paper.

The Kindle version is now updated to get rid of misplaced full stops and spaces etc that crept into the first release, so you might say the book is now reKindled. (How do I think 'em up?). Another thing I noticed on the Amazon site is that they have incorporated a word from the book's subtitle (The Saga of Eric the Unfortunate) into the URL so it now reads

What??  How can they do this to me? I fear that means it'll hereafter be known as "my unfortunate ebook".  Some gnome at Amazon probably had a good laugh in allocating that.

Anyway, there it is, free, gratis and for nothing from Tuesday to Friday, so if you are one of the seven billion or so humans that have not realised that they desperately need a copy, now's yer chance.  Yes I know Tue-Fri is only four days not five.  That's because I've cunningly sussed that I get more takers on a Friday, so I'm keeping one day back for another Friday. Meanwhile I'll stoically put up with the loss of income,  (amounting to over a pound last month!), just so that my hours at the keyboard weren't in vain.  With a bit of luck I might collect a couple more reviews. I got another 5 star one yesterday (Thanks Monkey, whoever you are).  That makes the UK total 9 five stars and 6 four stars and none less than four.

As a matter of interest, for anyone thinking of having a book printed, I have been trying to source paperback copies at a cheaper price, but it's hard to beat the Amazon price, except I can buy them in direct from Createspace, Charleston, North Carolina at just over £4 including postage!  A bit cheaper if I wait for them to come by the slowest carrier. No British company seems to be able to get near that unless I order them in large quantity.  I'm getting just a few in from Charleston to inflict upon unfortunate friends and relatives who need door stops.

Get your freebie from Tuesday by following this link.

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