Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Nene Dreams

Sarah recently gave notice that she will be quitting her Chertsey blog. It will be sadly missed of course, but I guess I know why she is doing it.  I even remember the redoubtable Sue of No Problem saying once that she had considered stopping.  Happily she didn’t.  The Herbie blog hasn’t seen much action from me recently, but that’s because I don’t like to post when I have nothing boaty to report. It is after all Herbie’s blog not mine. (Admittedly I have made flagrant use of the platform to promote my book – soon to be available as a real paper book – there I’m at it  again.)

One of the reasons I will keep going is that I get so much back.  Look at all the friends we have made through blogging.  And of course I learn good stuff through the feedback comments.  Take this week for example. Not only did I learn that other boating have appreciated the charms of the Malt Shovel at Northampton, but also that the little Beckatt’s Park marina is a good place to stop.  I never knew that, and it is one more reason I’d like to return to the Nene.

Admittedly the Nene can be more than a bit scary after heavy rains, but in fine weather I love it.  It might not be on John Constable’s patch but it often looks like it were.

nene 2nene 1

Looking back at our Nene photos reminds me that last time we were there, Herbie was still in her old livery.  It was 2009 in fact.  Time we went back.  Of course if we did the Nene we’d also do the Middle Levels – I love going through Upwell -


and the Ouse while we were at it.  And we’d make sure we didn’t miss the brilliant Wickham Fen


and preferably right down to Bedford if we had time.  CanalPlan reckons it would take us 20 seven hour days to get there and back from Crick.  We don’t often do seven hours and we like to have rest days in nice places so we’d need at least a month.

Oooh my mouth is watering at the prospect  Just maybe we can find the space to fit it in. Let’s hope for a good summer.

Speaking of mouth watering. Kath and I have decided to give up the booze for the whole of February.  Got to get some weight off.  Although as Rick pointed out, it is the shortest month.


Amy said...

Don't forget the IWA Festival is in Northampton this year too (August Bank holiday)

Adam said...

How could you not know that Becket's Park Marina is a good place to stop? When we stopped there, you even commented on the blog about it! http://www.nbbriarrose.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Becket%27s%20Park%20Northampton

Herbie Neil said...

Well Adam, it just goes to show how useless my memory is


Llosgi said...

Just dropped in after..ooh.. many weeks and glad to see your book is making its way onto paper :-)
Happy dry February!

Steve and Angela said...

We are moving our boat to the River Lark in Cambridgeshire in March and have our fingers tightly crossed that there will be no problems with high water levels on the Nene. It was closed for over 2 weeks last month. I found this out from the strong stream alert service when it rang me after midnight !
Salters Lode is closed until the 27th of March so we are taking a leisurely 4 weeks from Notts.
We were in Braunston today (by car) and saw your boat and also enjoyed a bacon and egg sarnie at Gongoozlers.

Herbie Neil said...

Ooo er, I hope you didn't see our boat in Braunston because as it should be in Crick Marina where we left it. There is another Herbie that sometimes shows up in Braunston.