Friday, February 06, 2015

Not Cruising with Tom

Since having had all my CRT boat handling training, I am still waiting for an opportunity to put it into practice.  I did however turn down an offer recently when they asked for volunteers to help wide beamer Jena from Paddington to Three Mills.  This is because I have told obergruppenfuhrer Dick that I won’t do anything east of Little Venice ‘cos getting there and back is too time consuming from deepest Berkshire where we live. It would take a minimum of two hours, probably a lot more, to get home from Three Mills.  Which is a pity because I might have given Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg the pleasure of meeting me.  Apparently they are filming a new Mission Impossible down there and the two of them were aboard Jena (which the press referred to as ”a barge”. Tut) for one scene.   See here

Hey ho  It’s their loss I suppose.

We have a Ranger meeting today when I might find out more about plans for later this year.  Apparently they are wanting to increase the number of London Towpath rangers to 30, so if you fancy volunteering, now’s your chance.  Also we are to look at the final draft of the national “Sharing Towpaths” policy so I’ll let you know if it contains anything of interest. 

There seems to be a push now to get rid of the last of the old BW logos on signboards and posters ( about time) so if you see any in the greater London area, let me know and I’ll pass it on to a local ranger for fixing.

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