Monday, January 12, 2009

An evening with Granny followed by the big thaw

We got a tour of NB Granny Buttons on Saturday night when we popped over to Uxbridge to join Andrew Denny for a drink at the Swan & Bottle. Not to spare Andrew's blushes, we both loved Granny's interior, an old fashioned feel in the best of senses. I'd swap. Then, I suppose I'd swap for any one of a large number of boats that were ten feet longer than Herbie. The extra space makes so much difference as it nearly always all comes in the "saloon" area.

The canal at Uxbridge was still free from ice as we set off back to Iver to reboard Herbie firmly stuck in the Slough Arm ice. Andrew walked of to get his camera and take advantage of he moonligh. You can see his results in his latest blog entry. Next morning however the thaw began to be apparent as a growing film of water spread over the surface of the ice.

I busied my self rigging up a drain hose to get more of the dregs out of the plumbing before we left the boat. This turned out to be really easy, so it'll be part of our winter routine in future. The more we learn about Herbie the more we realise she was well fitted out when she was built.

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Vallypee said...

I'm almost sorry the ice has melted now. It looked so lovely in your last pics...and here too, now it's just raining and miserable again!