Sunday, January 04, 2009


I must get out to Herbie over the next few days. I suspect she is frozen in. The Mill pond close to our house is certainly iced over.
Having a boat is great but it's always something to worry about. I'm currently nervous about about the plumbing getting frozen in all this continual cold weather. The Met Office says this week will contuinue to be frosty. Of course we took our usual precautions of turning off the water and leaving the taps open, but there still could be water in the pump which would damage it if it froze. Logic tells me it should be OK as it's 18inches below the surface level of the canal and inside the boat's insulation, but you can never be sure. I ought to put a mini max thermomenter next to the pump I suppose, then I would see how low the temperature falls.

I'd also like to check the batteries and top up the charge.

A bit of neglect at this time of year could be quite costly.


Vallypee said...

Everything's frozen over here too, Neil. Luckily our harbour is on a tidal river, so it takes a bit more for it to freeze up, but the dead corner of the harbour does have a thin sheet of ice on it. Engine pumps and cooling systems are always a worry at these times though, I know. Hope Herbie is ok!

Halfie said...

Looking forward to your max/min readings, Neil. It would be interesting to record the corresponding outside temps with a second max/min thermometer. By tabulating the results it should be possible to predict from the weather forecast how cold it will get on board.