Friday, January 09, 2009

More ice pics

Two inches thick in mid canal here on the Slough Arm, but no ice on the Grand Union three miles away!
I took a walk yesterday afternoon to take some photos and got this piece of ice from the canal outside the boatyard offices. No wonder no boats are moving!

I reckon you could probably walk safely across the canal here. I offered to photograph Steve who works at the boatyard, if he did it, but he politely declined muttering something about Health & Safety.

This piece looks like a big raw diamond.

Last night we persuaded (without much dificulty) Saltysplash and Laura to join us for a meal and a pint or three at the Swan &Bottle in Uxbridge. It was much warmer there and the canal had no ice at all. Urban environment I suppose. At our moorings here we are in the countryside.

We were hoping to be joined by Andrew from Granny Buttons who was driving back to his boat from Norfolk, but sadly he didn't arrive until just after we left. Sorry Andrew, - next time.


Vallypee said...

That's amazing Neil! What a picture and the ice is like diamonds. Fantastic! We've been entertained by swarms of skaters on our canals. The boats of course are like yours - ice bound!

saltysplash said...

I feel i must point out that the crew and skipper of Herbie insisted that we join them for an evening at the Swan and Bottle,
It was a lovely evening and an excellant meal