Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The other inauguration.

Whilst everyone was excited about events in America, one English citizen was receiving having her own moment of glory. This was the presentation to Marilyn of her hand embossed award certificate for being Herbie crew member of the year 2008. Following a gala dinner of Hungarian Fish Stew cooked by me and winter fruit compote cooked by Kath, I put on my Herbie T-shirt and a snazzy tie and gave a short resume of Marilyn's achievements and Marilyn made a suitably tearful thank you speech.

Later, Rick made a counter presentation of a gift to Herbie. A hand fashioned spanner to fit the diesel filler cap. Our practice is to do the cap up really tight to deter thieves. Without such a big spanner they have no chance unless like me up till now they use a G clamp and a hammer!


Vallypee said...

Great award for a great crew member by the sounds of it...and LOVE the spanner ;)

saltysplash said...

Never fear shipmate, she's well secure while alongside LE......apart from when were at work of course :)