Thursday, January 22, 2009

Games on board

Boating is arguably good for the mind. When we're on board Herbie we watch a lot less telly than when we're at home. Quite often we play cards or scrabble in the evening and now we've discovered another good game -Tantrix. It's been around for several years but we've only just latched on and we like it a lot. We bought Peter a set for Christmas and enjoyed it so much that we now have our own set for Herbie.

You can play Tantrix solo like patience, or there is a good set of rules for two to four players. I won't describe it here but they have a good web site where you can see it and even play on-line. Apparently there is even a UK championship and this year they will hold the first world championship in Edinburgh. I don't think I'll enter, I've only just mastered the rules and it looks like you would have to be smart to beat a good player.

Come to think of it, we needn't stay on board to play Tantrix. It's a very compact game and we could easily play it in the pub. Now I've warmed to it even more!

Advert over.


Simon said...

just be careful to enunciate properly when you're talking about your 'Tantrix Sets', yes? ;-)

Neil Corbett said...

Quite :-)

Vallypee said...

Hmm, never heard of it. Will have to check out the website.