Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fort High Line

Our boatyard (High Line Yachting) is run like a business, not a charity. Sometimes it can seem a bit officious but at least they stick to the rules and things get done. We all get licence renewal reminders, and safety inspection reminders . Visiting tradesmen, where allowed, have to fill in a risk form, and so on

Today I got a letter saying that following a couple of break-ins to boats, they are ramping up security. Already we are well fenced in with electronically operated gates at either end of the moorings, but now they are looking at improved fencing, CCTV and and another gate between the yard and the moorings and they are introducing a visitor badge scheme. We're supposed to challenge any unknown characters who may be hanging about near the boats. It all sounds a bit draconian but those of us with precious property stored on site will have less to worry about I suppose.

Actually on Herbie we are lucky to have Saltysplash alongside and Lydia on Serendipity next door, who are often around and I'm sure keep an eye open for us. Thanks to Lydia we're also amply supplied with guard cats!


Simon said...

they're making the lights in the electrical points brighter, too, as well as the usual annual sweep of what's allowed on the verge by the towpath. I think Stuart is sorting out some kind of email circular too - will pass on the info if I get hold of it before you do.,

Finally getting to hang out with the guys from Floss on Saturday after sharing Calcutt locks with them. Heaven knows what Catherine is cooking, though... ;-)

Vallypee said...

I often wonder about all these security cameras that seem to infest the UK these days, Neil. I read a lot about it here and it seems that the more they put up, the more crime seems to this really the answer, or should they rather be looking at something to do with the cause of the crime? Sorry to hear about the need for darconian measures though. Everything is going that way these days. Where has the trust gone?