Saturday, November 20, 2010

A find for waterway history freaks plus a spooky coincidence

I just found this super duper web site on the history of the Lee and Stort navigation.  No time to read it all now, but I surely shall, because it has the info on George Jackson /Duckett (see previous post)


Warning: for anoraks only.  Unsuitable for normal people

PS  I now find that  John Halfie discovered this site only the day before I did and wrote up some of it on his blog.  It seems he was looking for info on Ware weir and found it , and I googled Ware Lock and found it next day.  Spooky.  Interblog telepathy needs some serious research.

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Halfie said...

Neil, did you find it completely independently of me? I posted about it a day or so ago!