Monday, November 29, 2010

Un-remembering the memorable

What a brilliant lot you are! Many thanks for all the suggestions for the 2010 Herbie awards, some of which I'll incorporate.  Others might be more difficult as my memory is so useless.  I have had some bizarre conversations with other boaters this year, but the details escape me, so that category might have to wait until next year when I should keep a notebook.  As an example of how bad my memory sometimes is, here is the script of what happened when we were getting a meal in the Moorhen pub on the Stort.

Me:  I'll go and order the food.  What do you want?

David (Rainman):  I'll have the fish and chips.

I walk six paces to the bar, order my meal and Kath's, and fish and chips for David

Barman:  Is that with garden peas or mushy peas?

Me:  I'll go and ask.

I walk over and ask David.  He wants garden peas.  Six paces back to the barman.  Ten seconds at most.

Barman:  What did he say?

Me:  er . .er . .   I can't remember!

All:  General laughter.

At least the lads behind the bar saw the funny side.

I know there's something I have been using on the boat this year that I have found a real boon.  I kept thinking to myself, that'll be good for the Herbie Awards Best Gadget.  Do you think I can now remember what it is?  I expect it'll come to me.  Probably at 3 am and I'll forget it again next morning.


Simon said...

Well, we know the winner of the award for Gadget Neil is most obsessed by... ;-)

James said...

I did sit up in bed at 2am the other day and say, "defibrilator!" I had been trying to remember it for ages...

Anonymous said...

This is why I keep a notebook and pens by my bed and have an alarm clock with a bright 'screen!

Sue, Indigo Dream

Halfie said...


Rick said...

I think the BrushMate is probably the best gadget for a narrow boat. It may be disqualified as you have owned it for more than a year. If its been around for too long, it could still qualify for lifetime achievement!

Vallypee said...

Aaah this sounds soooo familar! Great post, Neil!