Friday, November 26, 2010

Nominations for nominations for the big awards

The red carpet is being cleaned, the old Tuxedo pressed, and the glittering stage is being set for the major event of the year.  Yes, it's nearly time for the 2010 Herbie Awards.  Each year excited virtual crowds gather round the blog, breathless in anticipation to see which bit of canal bank we most liked to stop at, and anxious publicans thrill at the thought of their establishment being nominated for best pub or best pint.  It all gets very emotional, the winners' tearful speeches and the brave smiles hiding the anguish of disappointment for the runners up,  but I try to keep my head.  If you have missed them in the past you can always look back at last December's postings to get a flavour of the event.

The first task is in many ways the hardest, deciding what the categories should be.    Best pub is always a favourite, so we'll keep that in.  Most scary moment is another good 'un.  Best bits of waterway cruised and overnight stops are always a favourite.  But, we need to inject some drama into the affair, a new category or two.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I ofetn think the chance meetings of strangers along the towpath and their stories is one of the most interesting things about boating. How about 'stangest towpath character' or 'most bizarre anecdote'?

Anonymous said...

(or most bizzare spelling! sorry ;-)

Halfie said...

Four (!) suggestions:

Best photograph. You could suggest a few and get your readers to vote.

Most popular blog post. I see you have sitemeter installed, you should be able to tell from that.

Best improvement made to the boat.

Worst "improvement" ditto.

Simon said...

best failure to work you through London, twice? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Carrie on the anecdotes but let's make it more boating specific - best toilet tales and best battery banter - that'll get your readers going :-)

Sue, Indigo Dream

ps. Richard recently bought me a posh frock so I'm ready for the awards!

Ian said...

Really enjoying the blog. Someone's already beaten me to the how about best rant about cyclists using the towpath?

Rick said...

How about best(worst)item found wrapped around propeller. Open to all-comers.
You could also have "posting which evoked most comments"!

Halfie said...

Re. Rick's second suggestion, this could be one of those!

Simon said...

well, I'm up for a filibuster debate... ;-)

Neil Corbett said...

There's a problem with all these suggestions of best conversations. Like jokes, I can never recall them when I need to!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's kind of you to consult us plebs but they are your awards and we trust you to come up with the most significant, relevant and witty categories :-)

I'm just looking forward to the results!

Sue, Indigo Dream

Sue said...

Well we have to know the 'worst skipper skill of the year', or maybe you are a super brilliant skipper!

To match that, we have to know the 'best skipper skill of the year'!

Then of course there is always 'Best service block used', and the worst!..

Oh and best and worst purchase for Herbie..

There's a few ideas for you!

Vallypee said...

What, sorry, can't think of one that hasn't already been mentioned.

The only one that comes to mind is Best encounter with another baoter this year, but maybe you already do that.