Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to print your blog

Next time I have to fill in a form declaring my occupation I shall put “Author”, for I have finished a book.  The problem is,

a) only one copy exists, and

b) you have already read quite a bit of it.

IMG_0780 (993x1024)

Yes, it’s this blog, printed and bound.  Actually, the first three years from the nearly six years this blog has been going.  Now I’m saving up for book 2, the next three years.

As quite a few of my readers are also bloggers, they may care to know how this printing was achieved.  Easy.  Through

All you do is, give them the name of your blog and it’s URL, select the dates you want printed, choose a cover etc. and press a button.  After a short wait, the book appears on screen and you can leaf through to look it over, then order the print and pay them quite a bit of money.

A sample page

IMG_0784 (1024x683)

The quality of the binding, paper and printing is very good, and there is a useful index giving the page numbers by post title..  There is just one snag.  It is not cheap.  Not even a bit cheap.  I would be embarrassed to tell you how much my 270 pages cost, although I note that it would be a lot cheaper if I had chosen to have it in black and white.  However I thought it was worth it as a keepsake, and I have enjoyed browsing through, as have the friends who have seen it.

Of course you can read it all here in the blog archives, but there is something nice about having it in a bound copy.


Anonymous said...

I do worry that one day our blod host (Wordpress) will go bust or suffer some technical glitch and my blog would be lost forever.

Admittedly it wouldn't be a great loss to literature but I would be distraught.

The book's worth every penny Neil - it looks beautiful.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Andy Tidy said...

I tried the Capt Ahab on the site and it was too big. So I tried just 2010 - and it was still too big! Had a go at 2009 and success - but at a cost of $130! Hmm Its such a good idea but to print he whole blog to say 31st Dec will probably be an eye watering $600 to $700.
Its a fab idea.

Joel said...

Thanks for pointing this out! I have been thinking about the possibilty of blogger failure, and, although not a great loss to the world, I'd like to have something my kids can look back through one day. So, I'll be doing this now. I think it's possible to edit what you want in it, and reduce it to something manageable in size, and price!

Vallypee said...

Thanks for the link Neil. I'd also like to do this one of these days.

Halfie said...

Does it include the comments?

Neil Corbett said...

I think there's an option to include comments