Monday, December 02, 2013

Best Pub for Eating – Herbie Award announced

Cooh I’m knackered, just from clearing a shelf!  We have set ourselves the task of decluttering the house and are having a go at one shelf each every day.  Today I have thrown away a whole black sack full of old manuals, sheet music, magazines and what not from the shelf next to where I am typing this.  In the process I came across some old Welcome notes given out by the security guys at Paddington basin as well as an old BW leaflet about moorings in London. They made an interesting read, and will make a good contribution to the data I am collecting for my next assault on CRT about London moorings.

Anyway I’m back with you now with a cup of coffee and the results of our deliberations on Best Pub to Eat At 2013.  We decided that you had to judge it on the whole experience and not just the grub, so we took into account the ambience, the efficiency and friendliness of the service, the accompanying drinks, the choices on the menu and of course the presentation and taste and quality of what they dished up for us, and I suppose the value for money.  Of course none of our shortlisted pubs scored badly in any of this, but one did stand out in our memories as an all round winner. So, much to our surprise, the 2013 award goes to

The Narrowboat at Weedon

which is not really at Weedon but at Stowe Hill Wharf on the GU.

(and also right on the A5 between Weedon and Towcester.)

(Plus you could stop off next door at Stowe Hill Wharf and buy a boat from Dominic of Rugby Boats which is also not in Rugby.  What is it about this place?)

Well done The Narrowboat.  We’ll be back.

When we come to Best Pub for Drinking, we will be looking for a different kind of place. Something more traditional with a good choice of ales and all that.  Or perhaps we’ll have an Award for hidden gems – little pubs you might not find because they are tucked away. We stumbled on a few of them this year.  Yes, good idea,  I’ll set that one up next.  Come back and see.


Sarah said...

That'll be the Anchor at Caunsall then.

Vallypee said...

It's a pity I know I'm unlikely ever to test any of these fine hostelries for myself :) It's not really a Dutch thing to have canalside pubs.

Neil Corbett said...

Val, you ought to pop over and crew for us sometime. When we announce our routes, just invite yourself, everyone else does!

Don't jump the gun. You don't know where else we've been;-)