Saturday, December 07, 2013

Paddington mooring update + Herbie Awards – Best Pub You Never Knew About is . . .

Things are moving a bit with my dialogue with CRT  see my separate blog HerbiePlus for the latest update.

Meanwhile, back at the Awards, we once again have a bit of a hiccup.  Paula reports that one of our nominees, the Anchor at Diglis is closed Sad smile.  Oh dear, and I liked it a lot. Let’s hope that it reopens after the winter.  Anyway, that gives me an opportunity to show that I do listen to readers’ comments and I am fully persuaded by Lesley and Sarah that:

The Herbie Award for Best Pub You Never Knew About

must go to

The Hollybush at Stourport on Severn

Congratulations to their landlady Maggie who is the main reason the pub gets the award.  We only had a short visit there, but she managed to impress us at the time with her enthusiasm and her customer care.  Remarks from both Sarah and Lesley showed us that our experience wasn’t untypical.  A very good pub indeed. Go visit.

And while I’m in a democratic mood, let’s make the next category Herbie’s Best Photo of the Year.  I’ll put up a few in the next post and you can tell me which is best, or least worst at any rate.

While I try to find a few that might be any good,  here are a couple that won’t be winning prizes, but can you tell me where they are?  Both from our summer cruise this year.




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Vallypee said...

Good customer care is worth much more than fancy decor isn't it? That first photo is amazing! I wouldn't know where it, but I'd love to do it.