Friday, December 13, 2013

Did we get in at Paddington?

Not quite. We arrived at about half past eleven to find the basin and the approach fully loaded as we expected, but we did manage to find a spot along the Little Venice moorings, albeit breasted up against another boat. I guess you regard that as not ideal, but acceptable.

My meeting with Sorwar at CRT was interesting and I'll write up for the Herbieplus blog what I learned in more detail when I have time. At the moment I'm writing this courtesy of the free wifi in the very noisy Mad Bishop and Bear bar at Paddington Station. What I can say now is that we walked up to and around the basin and saw several boats bearing CRT patrol notices because they were either moored where they shouldn't be or because they were overstaying. Why don't these people move when they are asked to? I think because any action against them takes time and so they feel they can hang on until the last day before it gets serious and then move off. We did discuss some ideas to combat this and that's what I will write up later.

Grace has joined us for the night and we took the bus up to Oxford street to see the Christmas lights. I counted six million three hundred and four thousand two hundred and eleven. Or thereabouts.

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