Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Herbie Awards–Best Photo Winner and a real life test of the London visitor mooring situation coming up

Aaah you’re so good to me.  Thanks to those who sent in their choice of photo from my short list, and special thanks to Carrie who reminded me of others she liked.  Sorry Carrie, those others you mentioned weren't really canal related so I left them out.  So the people’s choice seems to be number two i.e. this one:


I well remember the evening in early April when I took the picture, an hour or two out from Crick along the Leicester arm, and a very tranquil spot.  It looks cold doesn’t it, but not as cold as today, or more to the point tomorrow when we plan to take Herbie out for an assault on London via the Black Horse tomorrow evening.  On Friday I have a meeting with Sorwar from CRT to discuss the Paddington mooring situation, so it will be interesting to see if we can find a space there.  Unless we’re very lucky I’m not really expecting that we will, in which case Kath will head back to Kensal Rise while I meet with Sorwar. 

As to the Herbie Awards, I don’t suppose it will be too long now before I think about the Premier Award for someone who has done something special this year. In the meantime I have a couple of other things to give awards to, but you’ll have to wait because a) Kath is queueing up to use the computer and  b) I have to start getting ready for our boat trip.  Tomorrow night I hope to be able to post about our trip half way into London, then on Friday, the big question – will we get in at Paddington?


Carol said...

I nominate Jaq -(Les and Jaq on nb Valerie) - for your Premier Award.

Sarah said...

Good thinking! I'd second that (unless you had some entirely different concept in mind).

Vallypee said...

Your shortlist was fantastic, Neil, but this was a worthy winner. Beautiful!