Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Picture Quiz

Well, that was Christmas.  Our garden fence blew down in the gales, I got a cold, Kath got something worse that laid her low for two days, with a mountain of spuds and parsnips and swede to peel, we lost our peeler (probably thrown out with the last lot of peel), and with a musical event coming up tomorrow at which I am expected to play, I have cut my index finger tip (because I was using a knife instead of the peeler), and our dishwasher decided to stop working just before Christmas.  Still we had a lovely timeSmile

So I thought to cheer us up, you can’t beat a good picture quiz.  See if you can answer these questions, all based on photos taken on our summer cruise this year. Note, they are not in the order in which we travelled, they’re all mixed up. These are mostly tough questions, so if you get ‘em all right you’ll be a well travelled boater and a bit of a genius.  8 out of 10 would I think be a very good score indeed.

Question 1.  See the signpost in this picture?  The place names on the two arms both start with the same letter.  What is it?


Question 2.  Another signpost.  Where is it?



3. Where’s this?  A close look at the boat might help.


4. A lock gear mechanism. What navigation is this on?


5. Another signpost.  What are the names on the fingers?  Clue: one is a single word, the other is two words.


6. We cruised past this lock, but not through it.  What canal are we looking at?


7.  Where’s this?


8. Some might think this ridiculously difficult, but I’m betting some people will recognise it. This picture was taken at 5.40 in the morning as we approached this bridge!  Where are we?


9.  Where is this?


10 Finally, no –one gets 10 out of 10 in my quiz without being a genius.  What breed of cattle is this? Seen not many minutes from the scene above.



Adam said...

1. W (Worcester and Wolverhampton)
2. Stourport basins
3. Hampton Ferry
4. River Avon
5. Stratford, King's Norton (bit of a guess this one, but we think you're on the Lapworth Link)
6. The Shroppie
7. The Bratch
8. Norton Jct, from the Braunston direction
9. Tewkesbury
10. White Park (Countryfile viewing finally paying off!)

Nick said...

I agree with all of these (except 10, which I know nothing about so can neither agree nor disagree). 5 is definitely the Lapworth Link - it's the junction of the relatively recently reopened link canal and the arm between the two canals. Looking at the photo here the words are definitely "Stratford" and "Kings Norton". There is a third finger pointing towards us which probably says Kingswood Junction but I can't prove it.

Neil Corbett said...

I'm very impressed with both of you - I think I must have been on a different cruise!! :-)
Kath (nb Herbie)

Ian and Karen said...

1 W - Worcester & Wolverhampton
2 Stourport Basin
3 Hampton chain ferry @ Evesham
4 Upper Avon
5 Stratford, Kings Norton
6 Shropshire Union
7 Bratch Locks
8 Alvechurch
9 Tewkesbury
10 White Park Cattle

Oakie said...

As usual I'm a bit late with the answers and having looked at the other replies, I swear I have not cheated (does Google count)?
1.Stourport - but no dry dock25, though there is a fun fair close by.
2.Stourport - definitely.
3.Ferry at Bablock Hythe - but you didn't go that way! Doh!
4.Avon Lock gear
5.Signs to Stratford and Kings Norton.
6.Shropshire Union at Autherley Jnc.
7.The Bratch.
8.A junction on the cut!
9.Tewkesbury lock from the Severn.
10. British White or Ancient White. Can anyone tell the difference?