Monday, December 09, 2013

This year’s best photo–shortlist

Hmmm best of a bad lot I reckon. To tell you the truth I have taken a great number of not very good photos this year.  Must try harder.  If you take enough of course, some of them are bound to turn out alright, so here is a shortlist of five of mine from this year.  If you could spare a sec to comment on which you like best, then that’ll be the winner of the Herbie Award for my best pic of the year.  Click ‘em up big to see them properly.

1. First up is this one taken from the back of Herbie in Crick marina. It makes me feel cold to look at it.



2. Then this one taken at sundown along the Leicester Arm. It’s the colours that I like.


3. Our little Gracie taken at Watford Locks. She’s a great poser.



4. I had to blow up this picture a fair bit to get the heron big enough and so you could see the perch he has caught.  So not technically a good shot, but a good subject.



5. I’m always trying to stop a heron in flight, and this time I managed it.


There you are then. None of them very good technically I think, but probably the best I could manage this year. Which do you like?

Now the answer to the little picture quiz in my last post.  The aqueduct was the Edstone on the Stratford canal, and the tunnel was the rocky cutting just north of Armitage on the Trent & Mersey.


Adam said...

No2 would get my vote.

Carol said...

No 1 gets my vote

Anonymous said...

Ooh, it's between No 1 and No 2 though Gracie is adorable obviously :-)

No 2 has it I think - its has the quality of a watercolour - magical....

Sue, nb Indigo dream

Sarah said...

The heron with the fish is the one for me.

KevinTOO said...

No.3 then No.2 for me

Jacquie said...

I like no:1 - it's sort of romantic and alone, and I think you captured it lovely. And of course no: 3 is a poppet too. x Jacquie

Nb Triskaideka said...

No 2 then No 1 for me!


nb Achernar said...

No. 2 followed by No. 4

Halfie said...

1. Grace

2. Snow

3. Sunset

Anonymous said...

No 2 for me, although Gracie is adorable of course! Paula

Unknown said...

number 2 .....sums up the peace and solitude of the moment.
Dave Smith

Llosgi said...

Are you kidding?! You've taken some fantastic photos this year! I remember a lovely one with boat engines smoking in the background and another of a shopping trolley in the water. My favourite one of Grace is of her in the bubble!
I loved the wildlife shots - swallows and their young and the heron in your shortlist, but my personal favourite is the blackbird :-) (I tried to find it again but couldn't)
I reckon the photo that says so much about your boating year must be the one with Grace in, Queen of the locks!